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How To Make Money At Home

Making money is one of our primary purpose, we all like to get extra cash while sitting at home. If you are looking for ways to make money while you are your own boss, you have come to the right place.

This post will give you some tips and guidelines on how to make money with your preferred computer systems/device (Phone, desktop, laptop, tablet and palmtop) at home.

In order to make money at home probably with your the devices above you need to think like a boss, that is a business owner who wants to grow his business. Making money at home requires strategies and good business planning.

I equally have gone through different ways of making money at home and I have not been able to get a hold of a splendid way to make money, because they are a lot of ways to make money while at home, of which many are outdated and won’t work anymore.

Research on number of searches for this keyword

I was inspired to write this post because I know there are a lot of people out there (like you) looking for ways to make money while sitting at home and (like me) they will also come across outdated ways to make money at home like; surveys, cash back, selling gift cards, surfing the internet, selling your old stuffs and so many others.  But most of these surveys and cash back do not work efficiently anymore, so what next.

I am not saying the following tips an about to give are only the current money making ways, but it are also efficient, tested, proven and there is an assurance of making money if zeal, passion, and hard work are put in.

You want to make money right? Everyone want to make money not just money but good money if you know what I mean. You also have to realize that you can’t just sleep and wake up in pool money; it does not work like that consistent money making requires consistent hard work. So if you are thinking you can just open your browser and search on the ways to making money at home and BOOM!! After 30 minutes you are making money, you have to get rid of that perspective of making your money.

I guess you are done with that, now let’s move to the primary reason why you are here and that is How to Make Money While at home with your (computer).

Well I have got few ways to making money at home for you; I hope you find your favorite out of all. Firstly


Start up a Blog

Blogging is a fun way of money making especially at home

Well the blogging community is getting bigger and better by the day with good writer, helpers and SEO’s. I call bloggers helpers because they take time to give answers/solutions to problems people have. Blogging is not really easy to startup especially when you have got absolutely no clue about it and no capital to startup with, then it gets really frustrating. Many bloggers today have all failed in one way or the other but the ability to rise up and improve is really what has kept them and brought them to where they are today. I as a person have failed in many cases but I still try as much as possible to keep my dreams and hopes alive. Blogging! Blogging! Blogging, a lot of bloggers today make (millions and millions) of money out of blogging. You will also like to join Adams Enfroy on his tour round the world, through his instagram videos. Not trying to say he is the richest Blogger but am trying to prove the fact that lots of bloggers make good money from blogging.

Starting up a blog

There are lots of blogging/ non blogging mediums that you can start with, they are;

Blogging mediums

  • Blogger – free ( but lacks good features )
  • WordPress – free and paid (probably the cheapest blogging medium)
  • Weebly – free and paid
  • Wix – free and paid
  • Tumblr

Non blogging mediums (website builders)

Well to start up a blog/website there are some important things you need to setup;

  • Decide on your blog name
  • Decide on your niche
  • Get a domain name
  • Get a website builder
  • Get a website host
  • And get SSL ( secured site “cloudflare”)
  • Then get good post and publish

With these you are good to go with the rest of the blogging process. But note if any problem comes when setting up a blog (website), all you need to do is ask for help from your host or from search engines (Google).

Importantly you also need help in building your blog to be one of the best in your niche and definitely make money through it. I got some few recommendations for you.

Adams Enfroy


Mathew Woodward


Andrej from rankxl


R.J Weisis


Try as much as possible to learn a lot from them and a better means for that is by signing up for their email post, on blogging tips. It will really go a long way in helping you.

Apply for an online job

Well there are a lot of people out there that make quite just some cash working online via online Jobs. An online job is seriously not an easy one to get, when I mean easy I mean you just applying and your application gets approved or you get chosen for the job so quick. No online jobs these days need good qualification and certification. Getting an online job is quite great because you are certified to work at your comfort and time zone. Most online jobs are secondary jobs, while some are primary. A lot of people are being hired probably on daily bases for jobs and they are paid pretty well, to get an online job you can sign up in up work, fiverr, indeed, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, ziprecruiter, linkup, craigslist, Robert half international, snagajob and many more. It is also due for you to note that there are also companies that pay you for working for them in the website they created.

Example a Nigerian company gives you the necessary tools for work and allows your choice for the business name and every sale you make you get commission for it.

Online sales of goods

Buying and selling of goods and stuffs brings about money better still online buying and selling. Selling your products, goods and items online is a good way for making money at home, all you need to do is

  • Set up your business
  • Short list the objectives of your business
  • Test Run your Business
  • Get feed backs
  • Work on your feed backs
  • Publish your online store

Set up your business: in setting up your business you have to build the following; store name, website, selling agents, store blueprints, delivery agents and blueprints.

Short list the objectives of your business:  This is the most important part of your business without objectives, there is no moving forward. You have to state the aim of your online store and the goals you plan to achieve.

Test run your business: test running saves you from regrets and business break down, if you don’t test run you are very prone to loss and if your customers don’t like your business at all it will surely fail.

Get feed backs and work on them: after test running you should get feed backs and you have to work on the feed backs you get to suit the taste of your customers.

Note most online offer delivery to their customers for better marketing so your delivery should be another category to work on and make sure no issues will result in the future.

A better alternative to setting up an online store yourself is joining an affiliate market of a known online sales organization and help them sell their products and get commission. Few sales companies that offer affiliate marketing are;





Just a few recommended site for you, to get more information on online sales/store

( /e-commerce-how-to-make-money-with-an-online-shopping-store)

(  from constant contact companies

Online Coaching and Tutoring


Helping people solve their problems online is it a general or personal problem is a good way to make money I will always say. Coaching requires trust from your clients and that alone gives them reason to apply for your coaching classes/lessons. Knowing the fact that there are clients /audience ready to pay to get what they want, you have to step up your game and gain good popularity. Gaining popularity as a coach helps a long way in bringing more clients to your coaching center. An online coach is one who helps/guides his/her clients to solving their problems and definitely gets paid. Online coaching gives room for multiple clients, and not necessary a particular client at a time. Online coaching is a good way to make money at home, there are ways you can be an online coach;

  • Join an online coaching organization
  • Startup an online coaching business yourself.


Unlike coaching tutoring is more like teaching your clients/audience. Online tutoring is quite easier than coaching because you can get a tutoring tool/app that sends your tutoring post/articles to your subscribers and your desired time. It can be a free tutoring and it can also be a paid one. You can have good contact with your subscribers using a good tutoring tool.

Well you can also combine coaching and tutoring and make more money at home.

Coaching/tutoring platforms

I recommend the following site for you, for more info

( /coach-blog/life-coach-salary-100000

( /how-to-make-money-home-teaching-or-tutoring

Be an online writer and get paid

Do you love writing? you can be an online writer.

Online writing is another cool way to make money at home; all you need to do is write quality post / articles.

Writing does not mean you can pop out words, sentences, paragraphs and then pages and you publish, NO! NO! NO! that is not how it is done more like blogging most writing mediums need your contents to be quality to gain approval while some need ranking in your niche/field to get your contents in front (so as to get views from readers).if you do not write quality contents you cannot get in front and you will not be accepted or get views and you don’t want that to happen. The competition in writing keeps growing on daily bases, so you have to automatically step up your game by doing the following.

  • Get to know your audience
  • Get to know their problems
  • Get to know what it means to them if their problems are solved
  • Get to know how far your audience can go to seek/get solutions to their problems
  • Brainstorm on good ways to solve the problems of your audience
  • Always publish quality content for your audience
  • Step up your SEO in your field/niche
  • Try as much as possible to be consistent in your quality and get a grip on the hearts of your audience.

Writing mediums to sign up for

  • Hubpages
  • Medium
  • Wow women on writing
  • Strong whispers
  • Link-able
  • Watch culture
  • Developer tutorials
  • Michelle pippins
  • Metro parent
  • Site point
  • Uxbooth

 I recommend the following sites for you to get more info on the following writing mediums

( -you -to write -instantly

( -article-writing-sites-for-earning-online

Join Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money while at home all you need are people to click through your affiliate links. Major companies give room for affiliate marketing in other to get more customers and give commission to those that brought them.

So in affiliate marketing you are being paid to bring customers to their organization, not only bringing them but bring them to use their services.

So if you have a good number of followers/fans on social media you can sign up for affiliate marketing and share your links to them and get paid.

Basically how it works!

In affiliate marketing you a have a specific code/number to which your affiliate account is identified in case you refer any one to their service and the person buys something or make payments, you will be paid commission for referring that customer. Your special code is distinct and will be embedded in your referral link. In a medium where you have about 2,000 follower/fans and you share your affiliate link and about 1500 clicked and made payments, that’s some good cash you are going to make at home to start with. want to know more?

check out some benefits of affiliate marketing

Companies to register for affiliate marketing

Almost all online company has room for affiliate marketing as I said earlier, to get more customers to use their services. So giving a specific company to apply for won’t be the best but I can give some recommendations, companies I feel you can get lots of customers for easily.

List of companies with good referring tendency

  • Amazon
  • Ali express
  • Click banks
  • CJ affiliates
  • Jumia
  • Ebay
  • Shopify
  • Rakuten
  • JV zoo
  • Skinlinks
  • Peerfly
  • Aweber
  • Flexooffers
  • Godady
  • Hostgator

In conclusion I say making money at home will only be easy if you have clues about how to make money at home with your laptop and get help from experienced online marketers/ helpers which I have already referred you to. I hope this post has enlightened you enough to know your next step in making money at home with your laptop/system.

Please for more enquiries contact me via the different contact media below this page. Thanks For Your Time.

Test apps and websites and get paid

Testing apps and products can earn you some cash


It is a testing community that allows registration of individual from about 18 years and above, it allows PayPal for the payment method.

It gives a community test which each applicant is expected to pass before he or she is accepted, it is a method to know how good you are in testing.

In testerwork you earn money from the bugs you report and you can test at your own time


test and get paid with testingtime

In testingtime you use their online ordering tool to specify the test user profile and the type of study. The ordering takes less than five minutes. Testingtime undergoes a screening process to find test users who meet their criteria and they call eligible test users and schedule appoints with them according to the dates and time they are selected and they can also check their progress in real time.

After you’ve successfully completed a study, you will be paid automatically  within 5-10 days.


become a reviewer and tester


To conduct paid test, you have to register which is definitely for free. Follow the guides and make your first test.

Testapic allows you to earn more money safely

Perform test based on your profile and test some interfaces exclusively

You will definitely be rewarded for your reviews and recognized for the quality of your comments.

Do you want to become a tester and earn money 


Just a few details gets you started the customer-friendly test builder will guide you the rest of the way. No HTML experience required- they will take care of that for you


Unfortunately usertestings have all panelists they need for now and will be open once they need more

Participate in legit surveys and earn cash

Well you may be wondering why I called this legit surveys, it’s because most survey sites are old and don’t function actively anymore which may end up not paying you after you participate in their survey.

Earning cash, gift cards and so many others with surveys requires patience and it will get easy for you.

The following sites listed below offer surveys and pay participants who undergo their survey.






The Panel Station



Swagbucks has over 20 million active members it is one of the best paid survey sites. Participating in swagbucks survey is a good and easy way to make money online while at home by giving your opinions.  Swagbucks even gives bonus when you don’t qualify for a survey, which means you can never miss out on getting paid.

Simply register with your email and create a password then start earning point’s cash and prizes. Different surveys have different payout, with most payout of $50 and most payout less with less time spent.

N/B: 100 SB = $1     1000 SB = $10



It is another popular survey sites that pay you for participating in survey, either by earning points and redeeming them or earning gifts cards and other prices.

Survey junkie has some restrictions and it is not available in all countries.


Inbox dollars founded in 2000, provides cash rewards to millions of members in the US and UK. (That is it does not support countries outside these regions) individuals in the US and UK with everyday online activities, such as reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and signing up for offers can also earn rewards.


pinecone research

With Pine Cone Research you can earn points for every completed survey, redeem points for cash or prizes.

Pine Cone Research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinion of consumer’s nationwide through surveys.

Pine Cone Research sends you an email notifying you for surveys available and you can also be sent products to test or review.

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a diverse community of over 3.15 million consumers from the world’s fastest growing economy.

It is stated that as a member your reviews in The panel Station helps on consumer goods, technology, travel, healthcare and finance, helps brands build a better product. It may have geographical restriction on some certain countries.

You can earn prizes after completing a survey.


Life point is another survey company that you can earn cash from completing surveys. It also has restriction on some certain countries, which means it is not available for all countries. Earn cool cash with life points.

Become a Freelancer

As you may know a freelancer is a skilled individual, who is not really into a particular job, not committed to a particular employer.

As a freelancer you could be an online writer, typist, performer, designer and so many more.

To work successfully as a freelancer you should be able to analyze the things you could do, and create a work list and time schedule of how your freelance work will go to avoid jams with your different freelance jobs and overload which may end up damaging your freelance reputation.

You can display your freelance skill on the following top platforms so as to get quality employers.


With fiverr you can find the perfect service for your business. It has a broad marketplace with jobs like Graphics & Design, digital marketing, programming, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, business, lifestyle and so many more…….

You can get the right tools for your business like

Full transparency

VIP customer support

Improved billing options


In freelancer, you can hire a freelancer and you can also work as a freelancer. It is one of the best platforms to work as a freelancer, it is highly recommended.

All you need to do apply to work as a freelancer update your profile and wait for a person to hire you and with secured payment things can go more smother.


Obviously in upwork all you need to do is register as a freelancer so that when people come to post jobs you can be referred to them. You can meet up the person who wants to hire you if close by or better still video chat, settle on a price and get paid.


Same as up work, in guru all you need to do is apply as a freelancer and when a person comes to hire a freelancer you can be referred and business flow. Guru has 800,000 employers, 1 million invoices, 250 million paid freelancers and 99% satisfaction rate.


well well this is no different from the others, in workana you have to apply as a freelancer and when a person comes looking to hire a freelancer boom you are listed, you speak with your client and get things started.

Be a Virtual Assistant

As you know a virtual assistant helps/gives services to a business, client or entrepreneur from his or her own convenience. This means a virtual assistant offers services outside the clients or entrepreneur’s office or building.

  A virtual assistant is more like a freelancer but committed to one client and offers different services to the client, which could be fixing of appointments, preparing lists, typing, planning of events and many more.

You can be a virtual assistant and upload your profile on the following sites;


With fiverr you can find the perfect service for your business as a virtual assistant. It has a broad marketplace with jobs like Graphics & Design, digital marketing, programming, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, business, lifestyle and so many more…….

You can get the right tools for your business like

Full transparency

VIP customer support

Improved billing options


In freelancer, you can hire a freelancer and you can also work as a freelancer which means you Can work as a virtual assistant on freelancer and get hired and definitely paid. It is one of the best platforms to work as a virtual assistant, it is highly recommended.

All you need to do apply to work as a freelancer update your profile and wait for a person to hire you and with secured payment things can go more smother.


Regus is a virtual assistant company offering different assistance;

Ready to go, customizable and taken good care of it for you, with the sole aim of making business strive.

As a member you can work, meet and host in their worldwide network of business lounges, co-working spaces and private offices.

Build your reputation around the world. Make over 1,000 locations yours and enjoy the regus experience when you begin. All you need to do is select a membership that matches your needs, whether you want unlimited access or just few days’ or month.


In seek you can find the right job for yourself. So as a virtual assistant you can create a seek profile and include your job preference in it and guess what, anyone looking for a virtual assistant can come across your profile and hire you. Seek changes your career and moves it to the next level.


This is a major virtual assistance company that offers support to busy professionals who want to outsource tedious task and focus on their core work. Try a much as possible to apply for membership and going with meeting clients.


Zirtual is a good virtual assistance company that offers room for applicants who wants to work as a virtual assistant but it is restricted and available to US based applicants at this time. Zirtual helps busy personnel’s accomplish task they can’t accomplish alone in time.


In reviewing an item you need to take good look at the given item and answer questions attaining to that item, if questions are not asked and your are required to give your review in paragraphs and notes you should just analyze the given item and give the advantages and disadvantages of such items.


Being a fan page manager has a great chance of earning you cash.

Looking on the bright side, this has the opportunity to take you to places and also meet influencers (celebrities) like musicians, actors, model, footballers, boxers, basket ball players, dancers, dj’s, directors, bloggers and so many others.

Well you should know that it is not easy and certain to get a fan page approved by an influencer (celebrity), but who know which celebrity would approve yours lucky you.

This strategy is not an easy one, so you have to be smart and patient. You don’t have to go around bugging influencer (celebrities), if a celebrity rejects your fan page idea and management you don’t have to bug all you need to do is try elsewhere.

It is advisable to request fan page for upcoming influencers who may not have a fan page and definitely need one.

If you need help on fan page management click here


Well this method is in your favor, everyone likes videos. So turn your hobby into cash by watching videos and ads on the following sites.


When you become a member of Nielsen Digital Voice, you are joining thousands of US households already helping to shape the future of the Internet. Learning more about what you do online will actively help businesses and consumers discover Internet trends. To reward you for your important contributions, you’ll earn regular entries into our $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes  where they give away up to $120,000 a year! The longer you stay with us, the more chances you have to win.


Shop online, Watch entertaining videos, Search the web, Answer surveys and find great deals to earn your points. You can as well redeem point for gift cards or cash through PayPal. It’s an highly recommend site in earning by watching videos. Swagbucks has paid over 389,000,000 million users.


Big brands companies want consumers to watch short snippets of their content, like movie trailers or new product features. They pay us, and we share a portion of those earnings with you. You can even complete a short survey for money while you’re catching up on the latest celebrity gossip or watching a cooking demonstration! It so easy with inboxdollars… But inboxdollars is not supported in all geographical location.


make money at home by watching videos

This is how creationrewards work all you need to do is sign up free, take daily surveys, shop online, watch videos, explore websites, try offers, and much more there is always something to do to earn points. So it is recommended you logging daily for more rewards.

Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite stores, such as Amazon or WalMart or redeem points for cash through your PayPal. It’s so easy

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